Thursday, April 3, 2008


Bakerella (above & below)
Cupcakes Galore!
So this week is Cupcake Week on Martha Stewart and I just LOVE cupcakes. So brilliant of her to have a whole week dedicated to CUPCAKES!
Cupcakes are just the perfect size, usually so moist and yummy and they are just oh so cute!
Today on Martha...Bakerella was featured! We just stumbled upon her blog a few months ago and she has such great baking ideas! The last two photos are her mini cupcake pops and they are so cute! Sticking with the "bridal shower" theme of things I thought these would be so fun to make for a bridal shower to serve as a dessert or as a favor! Especially the Martha ones...You could do the brides name and grooms name and they would be adorable!! Anyway...I wanted to feature some fun cupcake places in the city as well! The first picture is from the oh so cute TeaCake Bake Shop in Emeryville! It is such a fun shop you must go! The next photo is from Kara's Cupcakes on Scott Street at Chestnut in the City....Another Fab spot!
So add some fun to your next bridal shower and visit for some oh so fun baking ideas you are sure to bookmark her blog!
Happy Baking & Cupcake Eating
Oh So Yummy


Kathryn said...

I love cupcakes too! Mmmm... I'll take one of each! And thank you for adding me to your blogroll.:)

{The Christian's} said...

These all look delicious....I love the ones on a stick, such a great idea!!!!

the yaney's said...


the yaney's said...


jennifer said...

we had a couple of kara's cupcakes over the weekend... the coconut one was delicious!!