Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Weeks Fabulous Find.....

This weeks fabulous find is CardGirl Custom Invitations. We featured CardGirl a few months back however Nessa Sander of CardGirl  has just launched her new line of ECO CHIC invitations and they are oh so fabulous and oh so Earth Friendly! A Savvy Event has numerous ways to make your wedding GREEN and invitations is just the beginning! 
Earth Day is April 20th so we are going to be featuring ways to be earth friendly and GREEN! So to start if off we have a little Q&A with Nessa of CardGirl.

~Thank you Nessa for being apart of our GREEN month of events and  Fabulous Vendors~

q: So what are eco-chic invitations?
a: I have found that many of the eco-friendly invitation lines are very rustic and earthy looking , but not all "green" brides want that look. So I have designed a line of invitations that are eco-friendly, yet have a more elegant design.

q: What makes an invitation eco-friendly?
a: My eco-chic line of invitations are printed using a soy-based ink onto recycled or tree-free paper (made from cotton) card stock.

q:What are some other ways to be eco-friendly with your wedding stationary?
a: I encourage brides to use postcards as their reply cards. Postcards eliminate the need for an extra envelope. Also, when thinking about ribbon, a raw silk (dupioni) is a fabulous option. It's also great if you can include as many inserts as possible in your invitation mailing, so that you are not mailing as many separate invitations to your guests. A really fun idea for table names (or numbers) is to have your calligrapher write them on a rock or something fun from nature.

q: Do you think most brides feel if you go green it is boring?
a: Yes, I still think that most brides have the conception that if it is green or earth friendly it isn't going to look as pretty or as nice as something that is not earth friendly, that is not true...Green can be hip fun and chic!!! 

Happy Earth Day and for your wedding Go Green...Go Eco-Chic....Nessa Sander, Owner of Cardgirl Custom Invitations


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

these are beautiful - what a great find!

Laura said...

Nessa's work is SO beautiful. I adore that invitation set.