Friday, October 10, 2008

Check Out A Savvy Event on these Wedding Blogs:

A Savvy Event had the pleasure of working with two fabulous photographers on two amazing weddings!
Our weddings are featured on their blogs so please check them out!

Mulberry Photography is an amazing husband wife duo! They are located in Lake Tahoe but do a lot of wedding in Wine Country. Albert and Tari are fabulous to work with and their work is unbelievable! We are waiting on the final images and we will be posting Rachel & Mike's Wedding soon! Please Visit Mulberry Photography Blog to see our amazing event and experience there amazing photography!
We are looking forward to working with Mulberry again!

Also Featured On.........

Allegro Photography is also a husband and wife duo located in the bay area. We had the pleasure of working with them on a fabulous wedding in Sonoma.
They have featured some of the images from Nate & Cara's wedding on their blog so please check it out and stay tuned to our blog for the beautiful photos and all the fabulous vendors we worked with on this amazing event.
Thank you Allegro for the fabulous Images!
We look forward to working with you again!!!

Stay Tuned....
We are featured on more blogs and can't wait to share them with you!

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Jo said...

Thanks, Emarie. It was really great to work with you as well. Cara and Nate are so lucky to have had you there on their day!