Thursday, November 6, 2008

DIY Thursday

Thursday is DIY day at A Savvy Event 
and today we are featuring a new blog!

We are excited to announce a new DIY Invitations website for brides looking to create their wedding invitations on their own. CardgirlDIY is a terrific resource site created by Cardgirl Invitations to assist the large numbers to brides interested in creating their own wedding stationery. There was no "one" place to go to find practical information about where to buy paper, what size the cards should be or how to best print them. Although it was started with brides in mind, Cardgirl DIY has turned into an everyone site. It's even a good quick reference for those with their own invitation or printing business! 
In celebration of CardgirlDIY & a general love of letterpress, Cardgirl Invitations is offering 10% off all letterpress orders placed before the end of November. This includes holiday cards, birth announcements, stationery & wedding invitations. Nessa is truly a leader in the letterpress stationery world, and we look forward to reading more of her tips and ideas for creating fabulous invitations!

So if you are a bride that likes to be "crafty" and put your "personal" touch on things please head on over to Cardgirl DIY Blog

Please Stay Tuned as we will have some fabulous tips from Nessa on DIY projects coming up in the coming weeks!!!

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