Monday, November 3, 2008


I work with couples all the time helping them find the perfect location for their wedding.
This process can be a tedious process but it can also be really fun.
Part of being a planner is getting to know your clients, their style, their personality, what their hobbies are, and things they don't like. 
All this information is used through out the planning process and a lot of it is used while looking for a location/venue. A lot of times couples will like 3 venues and they will tell me I wish I could put them all together as that would be my perfect venue.
I then tell my clients that there is always going to be one thing with a venue that you don't like but when you decide on your venue decide on the venue that has 90% of what you are looking for the other 10% we can work with. 
Once you select your venue then everything just starts falling into place and you can really start the planning process!
Another thing to remember when choosing a venue is to work with what the venue has to offer not against it! Remember you are choosing the venue because you like what it has to offer don't try to cover it up or mask with what it has and make it look spectacular!

This time of the year we are spending a lot of time with our clients on finding  the location for their event. This is always so much fun because you really get to know your clients and you start to build an amazing relationship with them.
I always feel that it is so much better when you start working with a planner (US) in the beginning especially if you are from outside the area. Working with a planner from the beginning helps you out in so many ways not to mention it saves you a lot time, money and footwork. We know our area, we know places you may not know about, we know the best vendors and we can truly help you plan the wedding you want from start to finish.
So if you just got engaged and you are looking at the Bay Area or Wine Country for your wedding we are here to help you! We would love the opportunity to work with you on your wedding.

Happy Planning
A Savvy Event

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