Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Tips

Escort Cards vs. Place Cards

So today's tip is discussing escort cards and place cards.
So many couples are confused by the two and it is actually quite simple.
An escort card, escorts you to your table and a place cards is tell you where you place at the table is. Most of our couples choose to go with just an escort card which would then tell your guest what table they are seated at and they choose their seat at that table.
It is that simple. Now things can get a little complicated especially if you are having guest select an entree prior to the time of the event.
If you are not choosing to do a place card than I highly recommend you find a clear way to indicate on your escort card what that guest is having.
A lot of times couples will choose the "DOT" method.
Red Dot = Filet
Blue Dot = Fish
Green Dot= Vegetarian
From prior experience the "DOT" method is hard for your server to see in dim lighting. Colors like those don't tend to show up quite as easily as you may think.
One of our favorite ways is to use stamps from Paper Source.

These stamps are great and they are self explanatory and there is no question for your server!
You can buy ink in your wedding colors and either put a stamp on the front or the back of your escort card. It is clear and easy and you can re-use these stamps for any dinner party or event you have! They are $14.95 at Paper Source.

Escort Cards and Place Cards are a fun way to add detail and your personality to your event. There are so many creative ways to escort your guest to their table or place them at their seat.
We are always looking for new fun creative ways for our clients and if you have some fun ideas or pictures of ways you have used them we would love to hear from you!

Happy Planning
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Anne said...

What a great post. Escort cards vs. place cards can be a confusing concept, thanks so much for the detailed information. Always fun to read your blog, for it is filled with great information.