Wednesday, April 1, 2009

California Sales Tax

To our A Savvy Event Clients and Future Clients
Please be aware that as of today April 1st, California Sales Tax is going up 1% . If you have already booked a vendor you will see your tax go up 1% this is mandated by the state of California and out of your vendors control. Hopefully this is the ONLY tax increase this year!
Please See Below for all our clients in the different cities we are planning weddings:
Sonoma 9%
Glen Ellen 9%
Napa 8.75%
St. Helena 8.75%
Calistoga 8.75%
San Francisco 9.5%
Los Angeles 9.25%
Sacramento 8.75%
Winters 8.25%
San Diego 8.75%
Lake Tahoe (Tahoe City, Tahoe Vista) 8.25%
Trukee 8.875%

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