Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Elopements and Intimate Weddings

Elopements? Intimate Weddings? I know when you hear elopement right away I bet you are thinking Las Vegas...Elvis and the Chapel of Love....Well elopements aren't just for Vegas any more...Wine Country has some pretty "Savvy" elopements and intimate weddings...

This year with the recession and economy we have noticed a trend in smaller more intimate weddings. Regardless of the economy people are still getting married and wine country is still a popular destination to tie the knot. A lot of times people think that a wedding planner just plans large lavish events and doesn't really get involved in smaller weddings let alone an elopement,  however we do a lot of intimate weddings and elopements because a lot of our clients are traveling from far away to bring their closest family and friends to their very special day. They hire us to make that special day happen. A lot of these couples choose us and the venue via the Internet and/or phone and we put the entire event together for them. We arrange for the all the vendors, transportation, hotel stays and private wine tours. Because these events are smaller they tend to make an entire weekend and sometimes an entire week out of their wedding. The sky is the limit. 

For the rest of this week we will be featuring some of our premiere locations where we do these events. 

Some commonly asked questions are:

1. What is an intimate wedding? 50 guest or less
2. What is an elopement? 10 guest or less
3. What days are these preformed? Usually Sun-Thursday,  Friday and Saturday based on availability. ***Please note a Friday or Saturday could cost more money as these events are usually reserved for larger events and require the max site fee.

Stay Tuned for our first Venue...Cornerstone Gardens Vineyard House

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