Thursday, February 12, 2009

DIY Wedding Video Seminar Part 2

We are so excited to welcome back Jewel of Savadelis Films for Part 2 of DIY Wedding Video
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Part II: Five Tips to Avoid Missing the Most Important Moments at a Wedding

TIP 1: The bride and groom and camera-people should have an honest conversation about what the couple expect and what effort the cameraman is willing to commit. Determine if there is an agreement of what needs to be done well in advance of the wedding day.

TIP 2: The cameraman should get a schedule from the bride or event coordinator. Get to the activity ahead of schedule so you can set up and be in a good position before things get started.

TIP 3: The cameraman should ask the bride and groom to keep you posted if something impromptu is going to occur.

TIP 4: Keep an extra memory card or tape and camera battery with you at all times

TIP 5: During periods of the day when there are no formally scheduled activities, look around. Adorable young children will often provide great moments as will one or two tables of rowdier friends and the infamous ‘cousins’. Or maybe you’ll just catch the bride and groom in an unguarded moment admiring their rings or brushing a lock of hair from the other’s face. It might just turn out to be the best shot of the day.

Thank you so much Jewel! Stay Tuned next week for Part 3.

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