Monday, February 9, 2009

We Had To Share This With Our Readers

As a wedding planner I get asked all the time ....What does a wedding planner do? Most people think that it is such a glamorous job and the typical response I get is Your job must be so fun! Fun...hmmm after reading the below I am sure you may not equate wedding planning to fun. Granted there are many aspects of this job that are fun but if you are having fun at your wedding you probably aren't working hard enough.  This past summer I met Amy Rubins at Engage 08 in Orlando, Florida. Amy is a wedding planner out of Minneapolis and her personality is bigger than life she is so much fun to be around and she just lights up a room. She has a blog called the Wacky Wedding Planner and sometimes in this industry that is exactly how you feel some days a little wacky! I just love her blog and love all the things she has to say but when I saw this post I had to include it on my blog as truly I don't think people realize how hard wedding planners work and what we really do to make sure everyone has the "PERFECT WEDDING DAY" So...I hope this post helps you all understand what a wedding planner really does and the list could go on from here...Enjoy!~

Blog Post from Amy at Wacky Wedding Planner....Thank you Amy!!


A wedding planner colleague in Las Vegas recently expressed frustration with a bride who was in town to plan her wedding. The bride was going to meet the planner to discuss wedding day services but at the last minute canceled the meeting. The bride said, "I don't want to waste your time since the florist and venue said they'd take care of everything."

REALLY...everything? You mean they will...

-Empty the water from the centerpiece vases
-Eive the flowers to guests in extra plastic bags that I'm sure the bride thought to pack along      with an emergency kit
-Re-pack vases in bubble wrap and place in refrigerator size boxes for overnight storage
-Look for Grandmother's camera she left "somewhere" by the guest book
-Pack gifts, cards, guest book, pens and the antique bowl used for card collection
-Take off 25 specialty linens, 200 chair covers, 200 sashes and stuff them all into laundry bags
-Drag these laundry bags which now weight about 40 pounds each across a football field size        banquet facility into the storage closet the venue conveniently tucked away three stories down
-Pack up leftover favors, the table runners Aunt Grace made, personalized decor, toasting g  glasses, cake knife and server, votive candles, silver candelabra from mothers house and all the  other little goodies that made your wedding so... you
-Load onto service carts if you can find them and then locate the nearest elevator so you can    head down the back halls of the venue through the kitchen across the employee locker room  and into the loading dock where you can finally load into family vehicles which are usually too  small to carry everything etc, etc, etc

Nope I'm afraid this will be left to you ...BECAUSE... florists rarely return at the end of the night unless they're paid oodles extra...the coordinator at the venue leaves after dinner...the banquet captain doesn't touch personal property nor do they handle specialty linens unless extra labor fees have been added...and the wedding party is exhausted or drunk or both...but by this time it's too late to go back and meet with my wedding planner friend in Las Vegas who was going to do all this for you and more.


Amy Rubins said...

Thank you for the nice post, although I have to say I was exhausted just re-reading it.



Kristen C. said...

I'm going to forward this post to my mother so she'll finally stop sniping about how I "only work one day a week". :)