Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Napa Moms

When I planned my wedding one of the hardest decisions we made regarding our guest list was whether or not to invite children. We weren't so much concerned with children interrupting our event but rather how were the parents going to have fun if they had to care for their children all night?

After much research, discussion with our guests who are parents and deliberation we decided to invite the children and hire some local moms to provide a children's reception adjacent to our larger reception. The idea was a hit! The parents were thrilled to have a night to enjoy as adults especially with their children just next door. The children were having a great time participating in art activities, dancing and playing with new toys.

We decided to share our experience with other people hosting special events by forming Napa Mom's Special Event Childcare. We provide caring, local moms to entertain and care for children while grown ups enjoy their own event. Napa Mom's Special Event Childcare supplies ample childcare and many developmentally appropriate activities right at your venue. Local moms step in so you can step out!

-Jenny Gass
Napa Mom's Special Event Childcare
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Leslie said...

this is a wonderful service!