Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Favorite Vendors Day 2 -Nanny Services

Today we want to highlight the Nanny Companies we work with. Over the past few years we have seen that more weddings are opting to have a "CHILDREN'S" reception. I actually had a children's reception for my wedding last fall. We had our wedding at a fine dining restaurant that wasn't really appropriate for children so we rented out the conference room and turned it into a "kids reception" it was a lot like a birthday party! We had party bags for all the kids, games, movies, popcorn, pizza, fruit and juice boxes! The children had a ball and the parents could enjoy their dinner and feel secure that their children were only steps away and being watched by a reputable licensed Nanny Company!
Even if you don't opt for a children's reception guest of yours will bring children it is inevitable so make sure you can refer a great nanny service for them. Today we have Napa Moms and Merry Popin Nannies that are stopping by to share with you a little bit about them!

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