Monday, May 25, 2009

Inticing Creations-Kelly Zubal

I am so excited for our next vendor! We met Kelly now almost 2 years ago and it was LOVE at first bite! Kelly surprised and delighted us with her yummy cakes! She totally changed our minds on wedding cakes and for this reason a beautiful relationship started! Kelly is absolutely amazing! Her work is impeccable her cakes are delicious and never in my entire life or career have I tasted better cake! I am not just saying this either, as a child I never had a birthday cake always an ice cream cake because I didn't like cake. Well 2 years ago my love for cake began and with that I want to introduce you to Kelly..............

Hello A Savvy Event readers! My name is Kelly Zubal and I’m the owner/cake designer of the wedding and celebration cake company, Inticing Creations. Art and baking has always been a big part of my life. From the age of 6 I was taking painting and drawing classes and baking cakes and cookies with my mom. About seven years ago I took up cake decorating as a hobby and it quickly turned into a passion. I had finally found a way to combine my baking side with my artistic side and there was no looking back! I started making cakes for friends and family and before I knew it Inticing Creations was born.

I love experimenting with flavor trends and combinations and turning them into cake flavors. Wedding cake flavors don’t have to be boring! My most popular flavor by far is salted caramel chocolate cake. Other popular flavors include blueberry lemon cake, white chocolate chai cake, and caramelized pear pecan cake.

I get all kinds of design requests from couples. The cake is a great way to reflect the couple’s style and highlight the look of the reception. From elegant details from the brides dress to a vintage travel themed wedding, anything is possible in sugar and I love a challenge!

And don’t forget about the groom! Groom’s cakes are growing more and more in popularity. They can be displayed along side the wedding cake or served at the rehearsal dinner. I have a lot of brides surprise their groom with a cake that is in the style of their favorite sports team or hobby.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to share what I love to do! I hope you will check out my website and make sure you mention you saw me on A Savvy Event's Blog!

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these cakes are so pretty! love it!